Moisture meter for building materials

for the most accurate moisture measuring devices in building materials like screed, please get in contact with our partner DNS-Denzel.

Our moisture meters with capacitive measuring method can be used for measuring moisture content in building materials, important is: 

  • the measurements are non-destructive
  • the measurements are very quick
  • If the moisture reading is too high, no additional expensive time consuming measurement has to be done. (oven drying method or CM-method) 
  • the drying process is non-destructive! 
  • One room can have a variety of moisture contents! Therefore non-destructive measurements are important to find critical places for additional tests (e.g oven drying method)
  • the number of necessary time consuming measurements (e.g. oven drying method) will be reduced to a minimum. 

The result of our capacitive measurements are influenced by different densities, mixtures, surfaces and the moisture profile. The influence of the humidity to the measurement result decreases with increasing depth. If the moisture measurement remains the same after a few days, there is a high probability that there is a stable moisture content. In this case an accurate reference measurement e.g. the oven drying method is recommended